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A Highland Christmas book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Christmas is an ancient Roman festival, not to be celebrated.
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Besides the heavy handed dialect, the author slips in descriptive paragraphs of real prose, sometimes nearly poetical, other times overblown. Finally a light, but entertaining autobiography of the composer, who performed with so many jazz greats and wrote some also light, but very entertaining music. It fulfills a requirement of an award book for summer reading. Should have read it long ago, but I see why it won the Newbery Award. Liked the references to growing up in Indianapolis. Well written, but I didn't like the characters. Good synopsis of the relationship between the two in their composition of operettas.

Seemed well researched and more than I'll probably need to know about the wall. Reminded me of another book. Continuing the series. I appreciate her research into the Regency period. Sad because it was based on a true adoption scheme that had many well-known people endorsing the program while it treated the children horridly.

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Pictures and descriptions of the sections of US 40 through Indiana. Another fine book in the Bruno, Chief of Police series. Predictable, but always full of adventure. Another series we want to read. This one fills in some gaps of the previous book. Read it because it is an Indiana author.

A mystery without having a murder in it. I thought it was ending with too little time to wrap up the loose ends; then I see it's part one of a trilogy. Started a new series recommended to me. Sort of a cross between Kathy Reichs and Ann Cleeves. The next Phryne Fisher book. A book club book. A relationship between the two women protagonists of different eras becomes apparent late in the book.

They are a bit hard to like. Thank you all.

It's been fun. Maybe is not such a hard goal now. More development of the main characters and some red herrings, which weren't out of place. Not sure yet if the series is one I'd pursue. Fun read--as much as murder on paper can be. Harris: Next in Recency Sebastian St. Cyr series. Dabbles a bit much in mysticism but still an enjoyable read. Love the descriptions of Paris--and the mystery.

Both husband and wife write books that read quickly and well.

Miss Fisher intrigues verb and noun. Wish the writing flowed more realistically but will probably continue reading the series. Enjoyed the film and now the book.


Hamish Macbeth

Appreciated the differences between the two and felt the descriptions of the countryside and culture were vivid. While still a dash or two of druids and some cultish groups, this one had some true mystery and threat. Griffiths also pulled off a surprise near the end that wasn't telegraphed earlier.

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Okay for a first novel in a series. It is a bit unlikely in more than one aspect, and it suffers a little from over explaining.

The Curse of the Scottish Play

It is, however, worth trying the next in the series to see if the story is more probable. Still a bit of self-consciousness in text, but I read to follow the characters, some of whom are beginning to develop as more rounded individuals. Sometimes predictable, sometimes new twists to the story making it not quite like others with a similar premise. I liked the research she did.

Lewis by Patti Callahan. Sanders, Tom T. Did you hear the one about the bartender and the rabbi? Featuring classic stories and wisecracks along with brand-new jokes, A Guy Walks Into a Bar will reduce you, your friends, and your family to tears of laughter. Michael Lewis has gathered a wide range of the very best and funniest bar jokes, riddles, anecdotes, and quotations in this rib-tickling and thirst-inducing collection.

Sure to be a favorite of tipplers of all stripes and the teetotalers who drive them home, the book also includes bar bets, games, tricks, trivia, and more. From the author of the Agatha Raisin television series… This thrilling collection includes three of M. As a wave of vandalism threatens to ruin Braikie forever, the town turns to Hamish Macbeth.

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But when her body is discovered, Hamish is forced to investigate a crime that the only known witness—now dead—had forgotten. This presents the perfect opportunity for Detective Chief Inspector Blair, who would love nothing more than to get rid of Sergeant Hamish Macbeth. Blair suggests that Cyril Sessions, a keen young police officer, visit the town of Lochdubh to monitor exactly what Macbeth does every day.

But Cyril is soon found dead and Hamish quickly becomes the prime suspect in his murder. A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh. After seven years of marriage, the beautiful Lady Brenda Last has grown bored with life at Hetton Abbey, the Gothic mansion that is the pride and joy of her husband, Tony.

She drifts into an affair with the shallow socialite John Beaver and forsakes Tony for the Belgravia set. From the author of the beloved romance classic The Windflower comes a novel of seductive games, simple pleasures, and a scandalous love that breaks all the rules. Available for the first time as an ebook. Country bred and city green, Elizabeth Cordell lives a quiet life with her sisters in a humble cottage in Kent.

Beaton has won international acclaim for her New York Times bestselling Hamish Macbeth mysteries, and the BBC has aired twenty-four episodes based on the series. Beaton is also the author of the bestselling Agatha Raisin novels, which aired as an eight-episode dramatic series on PBS, starring Ashley Jensen.

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Beaton's books have been translated into seventeen languages. She lives in the Cotswolds. For more information, please visit MCBeaton. Meanwhile, back in Lochdubh, someone tortures and murders Frank and Bessie Leigh, a couple new to the area. Detective Chief Inspector Blair, always eager to deny Hamish opportunities, keeps the Leigh investigation for himself. Agent: Barbara Lowenstein, Lowenstein Associates. My Account. Log Out. Advanced Search. Logged In As. Get a Library Card.

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